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A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M
N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

12MO: Small Sized Book
1/2 LEATH: one-half leather
4TO: Large Sized Book
8VO: Standard Sized Book

ACAD: academy
AD(S): advertisement(s)
AEG: all edges gilt
AM: American
APPROX: approximately
ASSN: association
AUTH: author

B&W: black and white
BK(S): book(s)
BKPLT: bookplate
BDS: boards
BND: bound
B.S: blindstamped
BUR: bureau

CAL: California
CHROMO: chromolithograph
CIRC: circular
CLO: cloth
COL: color
CRNR(S): corner(s)
CVR(S): cover(s)

DEC: decorated
DEPT: department
DIV: division
DRAW: drawings
DJ: dust jacket

ED: edition
ED(S): editor(s)
ENGV(S): engraving(s)
ET AL: and others
ETCH: etching

F: fine
FIG(S): figure(s)
FOLIO: oversized book

G: good
GEO: geographical

H.C: handcolored

ILL: illustrated
INCL: including
INST: institutional
INTL: international

JOUR: journal

LG: large
LIB: library
LITHO: lithograph
LT: light

MISC: miscellaneous
MOD: moderate

NAT: national
ND: no date
NF: near fine
N.H: natural history
NP: no place (unknown)

O/W: otherwise

P: page(s)
PB: paperback or softbound
PHOTO: photographs
PICT: pictorial
PLT(S): plate(s)
POCK: pocket
PRIV: private
PROF: professional
PRTG: printing
PUB: published

RC: reading copy
REF: reference
REPROD: reproduction
REV: revised
RPT: report

SB: spiral bound
SCI: science
SER: series
SM: small
SOC: society
SP: spine
SURV: survey

TAB: tables
TEG: top edge gilt
THRU: through

UNPAG: pages unnumbered

VF: very fine
VG: very good
VOL(S): volume(s)

W/: with

XLIB: ex-library