Natural History Books

The seeds of this enterprise were probably sown on a cool December day in 1957 on a small river in the far Northwestern corner of my home state of Oregon. It was there that I first hooked and landed a Steelhead (then) Trout, a male weighing 9 lbs., 11 oz . Since then I have met and introduced myself to over a thousand others of the same and similar genus, releasing all but a few to continue their lives and reproductive processes.

This pastime eventually became a passion which has taken me to some of the most beautiful regions on the planet, including Alaska, Argentina, British Columbia, Chile, New Brunswick, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Siberia and of course California and the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States.

Eventually I accumulated a personal collection of over 5,000 books on the subjects of fish, angling, and related natural history. It was through these books that I became acutely aware of over harvesting abuses, habitat degradation, and an alarming decline in anadromous fish populations everywhere, as well as a similar fate for most other wild animal populations worldwide.

Then in 1990 I decided it would be helpful to rescue and recycle out-of-print literature on natural history subjects that would be useful to collectors, educators, managers, and scien tists who wanted both current and historic information in their particular fields of interest.

To this end, I maintain an inventory of over 20,000 individual books and offprints in over 30 different fields & sell them through the Internet, to customers throughout the United States and over 80 other countries. I look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you.

All the best,

Frank Mikesh